3.7V Bego Battery Charger - USB Dual-Pin

    This USB charger will allow you to recharge your 3.7V BEGO batteries.  The dual-end allows you to charge 1 or 2 batteries simultaneously.

     This charger is compatible with:

    • Full Leather Heated 3.7V Work Glove
    • Heated Base Layer - Skin Fit
    • FNDN Heated Hoodie
    • FNDN Heated Performance Soft Shell
    • FNDN Heated 3.7V Slipper Socks
    • FNDN Heated 3.7V Sports Socks
    • FNDN Heated 3.7V Liner Socks
    • FNDN Skin-Fit 3.7V Liner Glove
    • FNDN Heated 3.7V Daily Glove