FNDN Snow Pro Heated Gloves

FNDN Snow Pro Heated Gloves

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The FNDN SnowPro Gloves

The absolute top of the line in heated gloves.   At FNDN we take our products very seriously and we have designed and developed our flagship "SnowPro"glove for over 2 years to get it just right.  The FNDN SnowPro was built to withstand extreme conditions and provide heat when you need it most.  These gloves are extremely warm without the heat feature turned on but are designed to keep you enjoying the outdoors all day long so turning on the heat with the simple push of a button will give you up to 5.5 hrs of warm relief.

  • Stainless core heating technology and a rechargeable 7.4V lithium ion batteries deliver heat for up to 5.5 hrs!
  • Touchscreen Fingertips work with Mobile devices & automobile touchscreens
  • Warmth without the bulk - 3M 200G Thinsulate insulation 
  • Waterproof breathable HiPora® liner makes sure your hands not only stay warm but also dry
  • Zippered Storage Bag

The Design

We started with a proprietary durable outshell that could withstand whatever abuse was thrown at the Snowpro glove in the many different situations it might be worn in.  The integrated stainless core heating technology provides even heating and superior life to competing products on the market.  A 3M 200G thinsulate insulation and a waterproof breathable HiPora® liner makes sure your hands not only stay warm but also dry.  HiPora® is a waterproof film with polyurethane coating. Numerous micro pores are placed all over the polyurethane coating which shut out water from the outside, yet allow the moisture or warm steam from the body to exit. The cut and fit were extremely important to us, so we incorporated full water-resistant goat leather pre-curved fingers and palms with silicone print for added grip.  Contoured elasticized wrists with one handed cinch gauntlets seal in warmth and keep out snow.  The fingertips use a special durable touchscreen sensitive material to allow you too navigate your mobile device screens as well as your automobile touchscreen without having to remove your gloves.  The subdued branding and power button keeps the style classy and timeless no matter what situation you are wearing the snow pro gloves.

The Heat

Using the latest technology the FNDN Snow Pro features stainless core heating technology and a rechargeable 7.4V lithium ion battery the FNDN Snow Pro gloves are designed to deliver heat for up to 5.5 hrs!  Slim rechargeable li-ion battery packs slip into pockets in the wrist of the gloves.  The all new 5 setting controller allows you to adjust the heat at five different temperatures for your comfort and extending battery life.  The heat not only comes from the battery but also the technical insulation.  Warmth without bulk, the snow pro uses Thinsulate™ which is 3M’s™ performance synthetic insulation that utilizes microfibers to trap air and retain heat while maintaining an exceptionally bulk-free profile. It traps more air in less space than any other insulation – even down. Its quick-drying hydrophobic fibers absorb less than 1% of their weight in water.  The stainless core heating offers advantages with even heating with extreme durability and provides superior life over competing products.  The stainless core micro-threading is so thin it is almost invisible to the touch delivering the top of the line comfort.  Winter Is Coming, We Are Ready.


 Whats included with the SnowPro Gloves:

  • FNDN Snow Pro Waterproof Gloves
  • Two 7.4V Lithium Ion Batteries
  • 110V Wall Charger With Dual Charging Ports
  • Zippered Storage Bag
Ideal for outdoor sporting activities like:
  • Sledding | Skiing | Snowmobiling
  • Tailgaiting
  • Hunting | Fishing
  • Cold weather commutes to work | school
  • Camping
  • MotorSports
  • Raynaud's Syndrome
  • Winter Workouts
  • Walking your dog in the winter!

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