FNDN 10 oz. Flexible Flask


    The FNDN Flask (FLSK) is a BPA free 10 oz. reusable flexible flask.  The FLSK is the most convenient, portable way to transport your beverages without the extra weight and space of bottles. The only portable soft flexible 10 oz FLSK with a sport top!  The sport top can be used on the go without fear of losing the cap or needing extra hands.  The FLSK holds 10 ounces each of any beverage variety so you are ready for any outdoor adventure.


    • FLSK's have a specially designed proprietary sport top for quick access
    • FLSK's are designed to stand on their own
    • FLSK's are freezer safe
    • FLSK’s are reusable
    • FLSK’s are portable and lightweight
    • FLSK’s are BPA Free

    The Flask goes perfect with our FLSK gloves and can be used with the beverage of your choice.  Using a proprietary designed sport top you can enjoy you favorite beverage hands free while used in conjunction our FLSK gloves.

     *Must be of legal drinking age or older to use this product with alcohol. USE RESPONSIBLY.

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