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    Who Are We?

    At FNDN™ (Foundation), we believe it’s not about where you are, but where you are from. 

    FNDN is a design company in the outdoor space that combines science and innovation to simplify and come up with solutions. 

    We know everyone hates being cold, whether you work outside, have bad circulation, raynauds phenomenon or simply want to enjoy winter activities longer we are continuing to innovate to create solutions for these types of issues.

    There’s an old saying that each generation is most like their grandparents.  In our grandfathers’ America - before the Internet, cell phones, and video games - our “greatest generation” was a well-oiled industrial machine running wide-open with the Motor City at the heart of it all.  FNDN’s foundation happens to be firmly rooted in Detroit and that same innovative spirit is part of our DNA.

    Our products share that same mold our grandparents valued.  The industry, the inventions, the manufacturing, and even the music has branded a loyal, patriotic, hardworking ethos into us.  Combining quality materials, craftsmanship and utilizing cutting edge technology, we strive to create the finest products available that are both beautiful and functional.