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    FNDN Skin-Fit 3.7V Liner Glove

    Size Guide
    liner glove sizing chart
    Liner Glove Sizing Chart
    liner glove sizing chart
    Liner Glove Sizing Chart
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    FNDN Skin-Fit Heated Liner 3.7V Glove

     Product Description: 

     At Foundation, we know even the best gloves in the world cannot keep you warm in a static scenario. That’s why we designed the thinnest liner on the market – our Skin-Fit Heated Glove – to slip underneath any other glove to heat your hands in extreme cold weather conditions. If you or a loved one suffers from Raynaud’s Syndrome and regular gloves are not enough to provide relief, these liners are the perfect solution.

     The FNDN Heated Skin-Fit Liner Gloves are powered by our proprietary Radiant Core Heat™ technology and USB rechargeable BEGO battery system. This battery is the smallest & lightest in class, designed to provide the most power with the smallest footprint possible.

     These are the best in class heated liner gloves. Other heated gloves simply are not designed to fit under outer gloves. These next-to-skin liners are the thinnest and lightest weight heated liners on the market. If you need heated liners to keep you toasty and retain dexterity, turn to the FNDN Skin-Fit liner gloves.


    • The thinnest skin-fit liner technology to fit comfortably under most gloves
    • 4 Radiant-X Core Heating Levels including High, Med, Low & “Smart Pre-Heat”
    • 5-hour continuous run time
    • Small & Lightweight high-performance BEGO Battery System
    • Universal USB Charging
    • Extended cuff adds extra protection and warmth
    • Machine Washable (*Must Remove Batteries)



    Fabric:  Palm: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex; Back: 65% Polyester, 25%cotton, 10% Spandex; Cuff: 95% Polyester,5% Spandex


    FNDN Skin-Fit Liner Gloves Include:

    • 1 Pair Skin-Fit Liner Heated Gloves
    • 2 3.7V Li-Ion Rechargeable “BEGO” Batteries
    • 1 USB Dual Battery Charging Cable


    *Smart Pre-Heat: Features a battery-saving “Smart Pre-Heat” mode. The pre-heat mode happens when initially turning the controller on. The LED is red, but will slowly flash red. The smart pre-heat occurs for the first five minutes and then automatically kicks to medium to save battery. You can bypass this level by simply pressing the button again.


    Battery RUN Times

    FNDN Skin-Fit 3.7V Liner Glove

    LED Light Color

    Battery Life

    High - Red

    75 min

    Med - White

    165 min

    Low - Blue

    270 min


    Care Instructions:

    • Machine Wash Delicate (Remove Batteries)
    • Use No Bleach
    • Do Not Machine Dry
    • Do Not Iron

    Skin Fit Liner Glove Sizing Chart

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