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    The flask gloves are waterproof winter gloves that discreetly store two 10oz removeable flasks (one in each hand) to add the hydration ability to any of your favorite winter activities.

    Whats Included

    • 2 - Waterproof Flask Gloves 
    • 2 - 10 oz Flasks with hands free nozzle (flasks are BPA Free, freezable and reusable)
    • 1 - Zippered Storage/Carrying Case

    *These gloves are FINAL Sale


    • 2 Removable collapsible 10 oz. FLSK's with "hands free" nozzles
    • Touchscreen fingertips work with mobile devices and automobile touchscreens
    • 3M Thinsulate  200gr insulation
    • Waterproof hipora liner
    • Silicone palm print for added grip

     Ideal for outdoor sporting activities like:

    • Sledding | Skiing | Snowmobiling
    • Tailgaiting
    • Hunting | Fishing
    • Cold weather commutes
    • Camping
    • Winter Workouts
    • Outdoor Festivals
    • #MakeShovelingFunAgain

    Why we made the FLSK Glove

    The idea started when we took our little FNDN startup up to the outdoor retailer winter show in Salt Lake City a couple years ago.   It was our first time at a major show.  We showed up with some of our existing heated products and samples of some of our future line up.  Over the course of the week we learned a couple of things about the outdoor industry; first they love the outdoors and second they love to drink!  So after a few days of industry meetings, and nights out networking we had a brainstorm.   The following day after a long night out one of us said to the other “these guys love to drink!  Instead of heated we should make drinking gloves!”  We all laughed but the seed had been planted and we started to get serious about making a flask glove. 

    The FLSK glove was born.   FLSK is short for FLASK and is a take on our company name FNDN.   We began sketching ideas and trying to figure out the best way to incorporate a flask into a glove.  We were really good at making gloves but the concept of adding a flask or liquid pouch was new to us so we began to research everything we could.  After years of trial and error, with different concepts, pouches, nozzles and so on we have finally come out with what we think is the perfect marriage between a winter snow glove and the flask.

    We made the flask out of a collapsible, reusable BPA free bladder that stands on its own. The material needed to be able to withstand the cold and fit inside of the back of the glove.  The next challenge was designing a nozzle that could be operated without hands but could be removed to easily fill the flask with your liquid of choice.   Now that the hard part was done we simply needed to design the glove that the FLSK would go inside.

    We started with a durable base outshell fabric that could withstand whatever abuse was thrown at the glove in the many different situations it might be worn.  Then used a polar 3M thinsulate insulation fill and a waterproof hipora membrane to make sure your hands not only stay warm but also dry. We added touchscreen fingertips to help navigate through todays world of mobile devices or automobile touchscreens without removing the gloves.   The fit was also very important to us, we took the time to create a very high quality glove with pre-curved fingers & used silicone print on the palms for added grip. We designed the pocket that housed the FLSK to fit perfectly in it without doing around and of course with with waterproof zippers.   Lastly almost the most important part of the glove is that it is discreet.   The styling and logos are all very subdued while the flask nozzle is covered under a quick access flap out of sight so that only you know what you are packing inside the gloves.

    USE RESPONSIBLY. Must be of legal drinking age to use this product with alcohol. 

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