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    FNDN Heated Skin-Fit Base Layer PRO - Unisex


    FNDN Heated Skin-Fit Base Layer PRO

    The FNDN soft-touch control buttons are capable of providing you with three different levels of heat in multiple heated zones - stemming from your hands, chest, and back.No matter if you work or play outside in the freezing cold, turn to the FNDN ("Foundation") Heated Base Layer PRO for all-day comfort.

    This PRO model Heated Base Layer adds chest heat as well as the ability to add up to 4 Bego batteries at once (comes standard with 2).
    What makes this Baselayer model “PRO”?

    The differences are:

    1. No Hood = easier to wear under other items
    2. Adds heat to the chest
    3. Higher capacity batteries (comes with 2 instead of 3)
    4. Ability to expand to 4 batteries in the shirt

    In this day and age, having a closet consisting of cutting-edge capability is the name of the game. We’ve designed a heated, skin-fit base layer that is made from a moisture-wicking, lightweight, breathable, stretch technical fabric. The long sleeve, base-layer with thumbhole cuffs is so versatile it can be worn under your favorite shirt, sweater, jacket or simply by itself to provide enough warmth as a parka jacket without the restricting bulkiness. Control every zone with this heat-on-demand base layer. 


    • Long-sleeve top with thumbhole cuffs
    • FNDN-Fit material is breathable moisture wicking with room to move around
    • Fully machine washable (Must Remove Batteries), Lay flat to dry
    • 4 Radiant Core Heating Levels including High, Med, Low & “Smart Pre-Heat”
    • 6-8 hours continuous run time (depends on the number of batteries and outside conditions.
    • Small & Lightweight high-performance BEGO Battery System
    • Universal USB Charging

    Front: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex; Back: 65% Polyester, 25% Cotton, 10% Spandex

    FNDN Heated Skin-Fit Base Layer PRO Includes:

    • 1 Skin-Fit Heated Base Layer long sleeve top with thumbhole cuffs
    • 2 3.7V Li-Ion Rechargeable “BEGO” Batteries
    • 1 USB Dual Battery Charging Cable

    *Smart Pre-Heat: Features a battery-saving “Smart Pre-Heat” mode. The pre-heat mode happens when initially turning the controller on. The LED is red, but will slowly flash red. The smart pre-heat occurs for the first five minutes and then automatically kicks to medium to save battery. You can bypass this level by simply pressing the button again.

    Battery RUN Times

    Heated Base Layer PRO - (with 2 batteries) You can add up to 4 batteries for extended run times.


    LED Light Color

    Battery Life

    High - Red

    158 min

    Med - White

    221 min

    Low - Blue

    420 min


    Care Instructions:

    • Machine Wash Delicate (Remove Batteries)
    • Use No Bleach
    • Do Not Machine Dry
    • Do Not Iron

    Sizing Chart:

    Base Layer Pro Sizing Chart

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