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    3 Winter Roof Problems You Need to Avoid

    Although some parts of the country are starting to warm up, we can't deny that it's still pretty damn cold.

    With cold temperatures come a flurry of home maintenance duties, but nothing is more important than your roof.

    Think about it; it doesn't make sense to do some interior painting if the leak in your roof is going to mess it up anyways.

    These 3 common roof problems may be an inconvenience, but will save you a migraine later if taken care of now.


    3. Ice Dams


    In case you don't know, an ice dam is when your gutter is clogged, so the water has nowhere to go. If the temperatures are below freezing, the water turns into ice. Since the ice has nowhere to go and gravity is working against it, the water & ice has nowhere to go except behind the shingles and into your living room.

    If there's no snow left on your roof at the moment, take an hour and jump up there to clean your gutters.

    If there is snow, or you're afraid of heights, call a professional. The amount you'll cough up now is nothing compared to replacing the whole bottom row of shingles & plywood in springtime.


    2. Leaks in Flashing


    Flashing on your roof are metal pieces that cover joints. For example, when if one roof is taller than the other, flashing goes where the roofs meet.

    It's really easy for roofers to mess this up, so if you're having a leak and can't find out where it is, that's most likely the case.

    This is definitely a time to call in the professionals. Someone who doesn't know what they're doing can go tapping around and make things worse than they already are.


    1. Check for Condensation


    Condensation happens when warm air meets a cold surface. You attic is a prime location for this to happen.

    Seeing as most homes use plywood as a base layer for the shingles, this is a really bad combination. 

    Condensation on wood = rotting wood = very expensive roof replacement/repair.

    Take a few minutes to inspect your attic to check for condensation. If it's there, again, it's time to call in a professional. You can get a jump on it by ventilating your attic. If the professional you call in suggests ridge vent, get it.


    I know, I know, home maintenance is annoying and time consuming.

    But you signed up for it when you signed that mortgage!

    Take the time to check your home for these problems and save yourself time & money down the road. You'll thank me later.


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