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    4 Ways to Save Money on Heating this Winter

    Welcome back to the Official FNDN blog, Dan here with some money saving tips for this brutal winter!

    Besides implementing your heated apparel whenever possible, there are some other tips & tricks I'd like to share with you to stack some cash.

    4. Adjust the Thermostat at Night


    The US Department of Energy has stated multiple times that you can save 10% per year on your heating bills by turning down the thermostat by 10-15 degrees.

    It makes sense to turn this down when you're sleeping, seeing as you're not really doing anything. Just grab a few more heavy blankets, and you won't even notice a difference.

     3. Add Moisture in the Air Using a Humidifier



    During the winter due to not any fresh air coming in, the air can become very dry. 

    Moist air feels warmer and also hold heat better, so investing in a humidifier can help you adjust to turning down the thermostat.

    A cheaper alternative to this is simply adding house plants to your home, seeing as they are natural humidifiers.

    2. Use the Sun to Your Advantage



    One of the best ways to heat up the house free is by using that giant inferno in the sky.

    Open the curtains on your south-facing windows during the day time to welcome that 100% free heat into your home.

    Be sure to close them at night, as heat can escape thru that thin veil throughout the night.


    1. Invest in Insulation



    All of these points are null and void if you don't properly insulate your home.

    Just apply some common sense; what sense does it make to pump all of this heat into your home if it's just going to escape due to poor insulation?

    Another efficient way to keep heat inside is to add ridge vent to your roof.


    To top it off, here are some of our best items to keep you warm inside of your own home without breaking the heating bill:

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    Thanks for stopping by, stay warm out there!

    Author / Ice Man / Plant-Based Wildman