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    6 Cold Weather Destinations You Need to Visit Before You Die

    Merry Christmas Eve!

    With the holidays officially here, you're going to need something else to talk about besides the weather.

    Don't worry, I got you covered. Here are some awesome cold weather destinations you can talk about with anybody, and bring your heated gear along for the ride!

    6. Steamboat Springs, Colorado



    Steamboat Springs is known for their skiing, but even more so their "Champagne Powder".

    Unlike most of the west coast, Steamboat Springs has light & fluffy snow, perfect for winter sports.

    This spot is also known to be popular among Olympians, so keep your eyes peeled if you ever manage to make your way down!

    5. Banff, Canada


    Located between Mt. Rundle & Mt. Cascade, this resort town is best known for Lake Louse, an alpine lake with a beautiful blue hue.

    It can also change to turquoise, lapis, or sapphire, depending on lighting.

    For activities, you can expect wonderful skiing, hot springs, and incredibly clear & crisp mountain air.

    4. Sugarbush, Vermont


    Boasting over 500 miles of ski-able mountains, Sugarbush is certainly the location for winter sports enthusiasts.

    Beyond the sports however, Sugarbush features the Mad River Valley, a location loaded with amazing food and drinks.

    Not to mention the fresh maple syrup everywhere, and the smell of pines!


     3. Duluth, Minnesota



    Duluth is known as a winter sports paradise.

    Besides your typical snowboarding and skiing, you can also do really awesome winter sports that are hard to come across, such as nordic skiing, ice climbing, snowshoeing, and dogsledding.

    After a crazy day of nuts-o sports, wind down at one of their top-notch breweries and distilleries.

    2. Nagano, Japan



    Nagano isn't known for winter sports like the other locations, but it is known for something much cooler; monkeys that hang out in hot springs.

    Nagano is famous for its Jigokudani Monkey Park, where Japanese macaques hang out in the hot springs all day, and you can hang with them too!

    Besides the monkeys, there is also an annual snow festival which features world-renowned food and drink.

    1. Aspen, Colorado



    Between the 20-mile scenic road, world-class skiing, and Glenwood Springs, Aspen is a destination for anybody and everybody.

    The hotel resorts are known globally for their quality and hospitality, as well as fine dining.


    Thanks for stopping by, have a very Merry Christmas!

    Stay warm, and enjoy the in-laws!


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