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    The FNDN Heated Glove Product Video

    We just released our first product video featuring the FNDN Heated Gloves. This video shows how to use the gloves and some of its features. Some areas we wanted to highlight in the video the duration of warmth with push button, touch screen sensitivity, dexterity, battery info and obviously the high profile look of these bad boys.

    We knew that as a consumer you would want to know EXACTLY what you are buying. In this short but sweet video you get to see exactly that!

    The FNDN Heated Gloves come with 2 Lithium Ion Batteries, 1 Charger with 2 charging ports, a zippered carrying case and of course the gloves! 
    A full charge of the 7v Lithium Ion battery takes about 1.5 hours and on the lowest heat setting you will get around 4 hours of continuous additional warmth.
    Yes you will need 2 separate batteries 1 for each glove but you only need 1 charger. Our charger comes standard with 2 charging ports, even when you buy our scarf which require only 1 battery. 
    Check out our video and be sure to leave comments, tell us what you think!