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    How to Wax Your Snowboard

    With the holidays behind us and January in full swing, it's time to get the boards ready for heavy usage!

    Here's a quick guide on how to wax your snowboard so you can be 100% ready to shred!




    What You'll Need

    Base Cleaner
    Plastic Scraper
    Structuring Brush
    Polishing Cloth


    How to Wax

    1. Use the base cleaner & spray it across the bottom of the board evenly.

    2. Using the scourer, scrub the base. Don't be afraid to apply more cleaner.

    3. Use the polishing cloth to wipe off any residue. The base should be completely clean.

    4. Decide between warm, cold, or universal wax. (I usually go with universal.)

    5. Plug in the iron, set it on a low setting, and gently press one corner of the wax to the iron. Wait for it to melt.

    6. Once the melted wax begins dripping onto the board, move the iron & wax smoothly around the edges of the base, allowing the wax to drip onto it.

    7. Next, fill in the rest of the middle of the board using a zig zag pattern.

    8. Remove the wax from the iron, and gently place the iron on the base of the board. Some spots may need to be re-melted, especially the edges.

    9. Gently rub the iron around in a circular motion to evenly coat the base, but don't let the base get too hot. Be methodical about it.

    10. After the base is covered evenly, remove and unplug the iron. Let the board cool for 10-15 minutes.

    11. Once the wax is totally dried, grab the plastic scraper and hold it long-ways at a 45 degree angle with the sharp edge running along the base. Scrape off the excess wax. Work in one direction as much as you can.

    12. Don't be afraid to take off a lot, the bottom of the board absorbs a lot of the wax. The idea is to leave as thin of a layer as possible.

    13. After this, brush off any remaining wax with your cloth.

    14. Finally, take your structuring brush and firmly brush the base from nose to tail. This puts tiny indents to help reduce friction.


    That's all! Pretty straightforward and easy stuff.

    Enjoy your boarding, and be safe!

    Have an awesome weekend,

    Author / Ice Man


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