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    How to Motivate Yourself to Become Better


    With the New Year in full swing and our resolutions taking shape, it's important to note that just like bathing, motivation does not last!

    It's important to constantly motivate yourself, because nobody else will do it for you.

    Here at FNDN, we want our readers and subscribers to lead their very best life every day.

    So, here are some solid techniques to keep your motivation up and running 100%!


    8. Play Music That Keeps You Energized


    One of the easiest & most effective ways I stay motivated is to listen to the right music.

    But don't play the same music every day for months, or else your brain will associate getting bored with the music with getting bored with the routine.

    So keep it upbeat, switch it up regularly, and dance while you're at it!


    7. Hang Around the Right People


    Spending time with motivated or inspired people will rub off on you.

    It's a synergistic process, so the more you feed off each other, the more motivated you both become.

    The same is true with people who are not so motivated, so be sure to be aware of who you talk to and spend your time with. 


    6. Don't Beat Yourself Up When You Fall


    Look, nobody's perfect, especially me. We all make mistakes, it's part of human nature.

    The important thing here is to realize that failures & mistakes are our greatest teacher - they help us recognize our flaws and how we can improve.

    Learn from your falls and continue to push forward; don't become victim to them.

    5. Constantly Remind Yourself Why You Started in the First Place


    It can be easy to lose sight of why you are working so hard towards a specific goal or habit.

    Whenever your mind's eye becomes cloudy, bring yourself back to that strong, positive emotional state of why you began in the first place.

    If you haven't already, write down why you want these things in your life, and read it whenever you doubt yourself or feel fogged.

    4. Keep Your Space Clean


    Everyone knows that keeping a clean living and work space increases productivity and decreases stress.

    Succumbing to a dirty environment is a slippery slope, just like berating yourself over every little mistake.

    I take just 5-10 minutes every night before I go to bed to tidy things up. This way, I wake up to a clean, beautiful apartment every morning.

    3. Take a Few Minutes to Look Back at How Far You've Come


    Acknowledging how far you've come is an important part to continual success.

    Comparing your progress to how you were a month ago also helps you see how you can further improve in the future.

    But most importantly, it just feels good to witness progress.

    2. Go Out in Nature


    Reconnecting with Earth while disconnecting from your phone does wonders for the mind.

    It's like pushing a reset button for the brain. 

    Just go to a nearby lake, pond, river, or stream, leave your phone in the car, and enjoy not hearing the constant beeps, dings, and notifications that pull you away from the present moment.

    Once you do return to the real world, you will feel rejuvenated, clear, and motivated again.

    1. Reduce Daily Distractions & Time Wasters

    Having distractions easily available makes it very difficult to focus.

    Shut the door to your office, leave your phone in the other room for a few hours, turn off the TV... anything that you know that pulls you out of your work meditation, eliminate it from your work space.

    Doing so increases your productivity, and the more you get done, the more you motivate yourself.


    Thanks for reading, I am super excited to see you stick to & crush your 2019 goals!

    What are some resolutions you have? Let me know in the comments section below!

    Author / Ice Man

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