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    5 Easy New Year's Resolutions You'll Actually Stick To

    Dan here, thanks for coming to read the last blog post of 2018!

    I want to start by thanking you dearly for subscribing with us in 2018 - the community has seen exponential growth, all thanks to YOU.

    I thought it would be great to end this year and start the next with some easy New Year's Resolutions that are easy to commit to with excellent results.

    5. Compliment Yourself More Often


    The best kind of love is self-love! Complimenting myself has done wonders for my confidence, commitment, and growth.

    Some people may think it's arrogant or corny, but there is nothing wrong with patting yourself on the back more regularly.

    It feels good, and personally helps me continue to do good. When the only approval I began to seek was my own, my life experience dramatically increased.

    4. Clean Out Your Kitchen


    A large amount of clutter is known to induce stress. A side effect of stress is to over eat, or make poor diet decisions.

    Combine these factors together, you have a recipe for disaster! If one of your New Year's Resolutions is to lose weight, then you should keep in mind that diet is 80% of the battle.

    So take the time to de-clutter your kitchen; you'll thank yourself 10 pounds from now.

    3. Put Down the Phone


    If one of your resolutions is to be more productive, start with everyone's biggest time waster; the phone!

    The average American spends 90 minutes a day just on social media - that's a lot of time!

    Just begin with something small, like no phone during meals, and slowly begin to discipline yourself to not impulsively check your phone every 10 minutes.

    2. Get Gym Clothes That Look Great


    I'm not going to tell you to go to the gym as a resolution; that's boring and generic, and you're probably already doing it.

    What I will suggest however is to look great when you do go to the gym.

    It's basic human psychology; when you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you tend to do more of what makes you feel good! If it's the gym in this case, then committing to looking good every time you go will encourage you to work out more.

    1. Meditate Consistently


    Meditation can be intimidating, I totally get it. Sitting there doing nothing can be harder than it sounds!

    But in reality, it's really not. Just sit comfortably, close your eyes, and focus on breathing in and out through your nose. Instead of turning your mind's attention to nothing, turn it's attention to your breath. Set a timer for a few minutes, and just relax.

    Regular meditation induces self-reflection, promotes well-being & positive feelings, increases "feel-good" hormones in the brain such as dopamine, and more.


    Thank you again for growing with us in 2018.

    I am beyond excited to share what we have in store for you for 2019!

    Have any resolutions you'd like to share? Let me know in the comments!

    Have a fun and safe night,

    Author / Ice Man / Plant-Based Wildman

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