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    FNDN Helps with Raynaud's Disease

    If you've ever been to Michigan in the winter, you know it's no joke and can be down right brutal. The founder of FNDN was born and raised in Michigan, so he knows winter like the back of his hand. When his wife was diagnosed with Raynaud's disease he wanted to find a way to ease her pain, and save her hands from the cold harsh winters of Detroit.

    What is Raynaud's disease? Also know as Raynaud's phenomenon, is when a person has excessively reduced blood flow, causing discoloration of the fingers, toes, and occasionally other areas in response to cold or emotional stress. The condition can cause pain within affected extremities, discoloration, paleness and sensations of cold or numbness. This makes everyday activities brutal on your hands and extremities especially during the cold months.

    What can be done to stop this disease? In some cases surgery is an option, an extreme option which the nerves that signal the blood vessels of the fingertips to constrict are surgically cut. But in most cases there is isn't much to do besides prevent triggers. One HUGE trigger is the cold. FNDN can help with that by keeping you warm. If you have or know anyone who has Raynaud's you'll love our heated gloves and scarf. Just charge your battery packs, which takes about 2 hours for a full charge. Plug the battery in adjust to the level of heat you desire and BOOM, instant warmth in seconds. The batteries last for 4.5-5 hrs of constant heat on a single charge. Note: they last much longer if you turn them on and off as needed. It's like having a therapeutic heating pad for your hands. Click here Heated Gear