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    How does Heated Clothing Work?

    FNDN developed a stainless threading heat element to provide even heating throughout the material with which we have layered into our products. This threading conducts heat once connected to a power source. In this case the power source is a lithium ion battery.

    For example, our Heated Gloves have a thin layer embedded on top of the hand to create warmth. The same goes for our Heated Scarf. Expect you are able to feel the heat from either side of the material because the grummet can be flipped to either side unlike wearing a glove.

    The important thing to understand is that the stainless threading is so thin, you can barley find it even when searching for it. This allows us to implement our Heated design into an endless amount of products all while never holding you back. 

    Check out our heated gear here:

    FNDN Heated GloveFNDN Heated Scarf