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    4 Secret Health Benefits of FNDN Heated Apparel

    If you love winter sports or spend a lot of time in the cold, consider investing in heated apparel. Besides the obvious, there are a few surprising health benefits of heat therapy and heated clothing.

    When we think of warmth, positive images come to mind, right? A cozy cup of hot chocolate, curling up on the couch next to a fireplace, a steamy shower.

    Well, you don’t have those luxuries when you’re on the slopes or shoveling snow, and prolonged cold exposure can be damaging.

    Check out these unsuspecting health benefits of regularly wearing FNDN Heated Apparel.

    4. Promotes Healthy Blood Flow

    When you apply heat to your body, you’re increasing the flow of oxygen to your muscles.

    This will relieve pain and stiffness, which will allow you to withstand the cold for a much longer time.

    Your performance will increase and you won’t feel as freezing.

    3. Increased Range of Motion

    Being cold makes your body contract. You won’t have the full range of motion that you’re used to when you’re extremely cold.

    You’ll be able to perform to your maximum capacity when your body isn’t cowering and shivering from the freezing temperatures.

    Having a limited range of motion will be a huge obstacle to face.

    2. Prevents Injury

    Staying outside in dangerously cold conditions can cause injury. Not only that, it can endanger your life. People die in the cold all too often. Heated clothing can help you stay warm, which could save your life.

    When we are cold, our muscles tighten up. You’re more likely to fall or strain something when you spend a lot of time outside in cold weather conditions.

    1. Uplifts Mood and Energy

    When you’re cold, you might not be in the best mood.

    No one wants to be irritated or angry when they’re trying to have fun skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, or sledding with the kids. Heated apparel can give you some relief.

    In addition, your body can use its energy on the task at hand, rather than burning it all up on staying warm.


    If you were on the fence about heated apparel before, maybe you’ll consider purchasing some items. You won’t regret it!

    If you’re someone who lives in a cold place and spends a lot of time outdoors, it’s definitely worth the investment. It’s better to be safe and content than miserable and injured.

    Plus, you’ll perform much better when your body is getting the heat it needs. Stay warm out there!


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