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    5 Fun & Easy Ways to Combat Winter Loneliness

    Everyone feels loneliness from time to time, especially during these winter months.

    You might think that loneliness only comes when you’re all by yourself, but that isn’t true.

    Even among a crowd of people, that lonely feeling can uncurl itself in your stomach.

    The severity of this feeling can range from mildly lonely to intensely lonely.

    My aim in writing this blog is to help you combat that feeling of loneliness that can gnaw away at your core.

    5. Meetup


    Meet up with people in your area who have similar interests.

    If you want to learn more about essential oils or try out karate, there’s a Meetup group for it.

    Download this app or similar apps that bring people together. You’re in for a world of discovery and potential friendships!

    4. Reach Out


    You don’t have to suffer by yourself.

    Reach out to family members, friends, loved ones, or a therapist.

    People understand what it feels like to be lonely. You are so loved. People would be happy to keep you company or talk to you when you’re feeling down.

    3. Distraction


    Sometimes all you need is a distraction from this negative emotion.

    Do some jumping jacks, call a friend, read a magazine, or go for a walk to get a change of scenery.

    Redirecting your attention elsewhere can be immensely helpful when loneliness creeps up on you.

    2. Cause

    When you’re contributing to a cause your mind will be so occupied that there won’t be any room to feel lonely!

    You could go to a march or rally to support something that you believe in. You could work at a soup kitchen, volunteer at an animal shelter, or work with adolescents with mental illnesses.

    Find that cause that makes you tick and go out there and get involved!

    1. It Won’t Last



    Tell yourself that this feeling will not last. Feelings of loneliness never last forever.

    Soon, you’ll be around people who love you and you’ll forget all about that short period of time that you felt lonely.

    Feelings, whether they are positive or negative, are mental states that cannot last forever. The highs and lows are what make life worth living.

    Ride out this low and have faith that you will level out soon and reach your usual emotional baseline.


    Though you might be physically alone right now and feel lonely, you’re not alone in this feeling. We have all felt loneliness before.

    Finding friends with similar interests, getting involved in a cause, reaching out, distracting yourself, and remembering that the feeling will not last are all helpful tips in fighting off loneliness.

    Author / Ice Man / Plant-Based Wildman

    P.S. It looks like we're starting to get record-high winds this upcoming week.

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