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    5 Winter Problem Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

    We all have our own problems dealing with winter every day.

    Our car getting stuck in the snow, not being able to run outside, running out of de-icing fluid in the middle of nowhere... the list goes on.

    Here are some problems I always face during the winter with some clever & easy solutions.

    My Car Gets Stuck in My Driveway


    Where I live, the driveway is flat, which is usually a good thing for driving in the snow.

    But this year, we have had a lot of ice storms. As a result, my little Honda Civic spins its tires and can't move.

    This was an easy fix; I just dumped some cat litter under my tires for some initial traction to get me going.

    If you don't have cat litter, I've also used salt, but once I was really desperate and used the floor mats of my car, and it worked.

    I Was Falling While Running Outside


    Of course, this is Darwin's theory at its finest. I would run in the snow and ice and fall on my face.

    But I love running, and I especially love running in the cold. 

    My solution came from the boots I used to wear while roofing; I studded my sneakers!

    I took small, 1/4" screws and drilled them into the soles of my shoes. Not too deep to where they would puncture my feet of course, but the extra studded grips really helped to prevent me from falling by giving me solid footing.

    Saving My Windshield Wipers with Socks


    Yes, this sounds like a crazy cat lady thing to do, but it works!

    I just throw old socks over my windshield wipers after lifting them off of my windshield. This prevents them from getting loaded up with snow and ice during the storm, making them last longer.

    Saving Money on Heating with My Ceiling Fan


    This may sound counter intuitive, but once you apply critical thought, it makes sense.

    I leave the fan on all throughout the winter time. You may think it cools things down, but it does not.

    Heat rises, so keeping the fan on counter-clockwise pushes the hot air that is trying to escape back down, saving you heat & money.

    Ziploc Bags Around Side Mirrors




    There is nothing more annoying than clearing your car's front & rear windshield, having your car warmed up and ready to go, only to see your side mirrors are iced up and useless. Great, now I'm going to be super late to work.

    The solution to this is easy; just wrap large Ziploc bags around your side mirrors and put a rubber band on the end to hold it in place overnight during the snow storm.

    This will keep the mirrors from fogging and icing up.


    Although winter can be a pain, it is part of our lives.

    It's best to live & deal with it than curse the stars everyday!

    Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend :)

    Author / Ice Man / Plant-Based Wildman

    P.S. One of my biggest winter pet peeves is cold toes, but once I got my FNDN Heated 3.7V Liner Socks, it was a problem of the past!

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