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    5 Activities to Prepare for Your Summer Bod

    Winter is on its way out, and spring is on its way in.

    With this comes the most dreaded time of the year; the time to look in the mirror and come to terms with the winter hibernation pounds you've put on.

    Fear not! I love activity and am here to help you prepare for summer by warming up your body and shedding those pounds of pizza, ice cream, and snickers. (We're all guilty, so don't feel bad.)

    5. Immediate Push-ups




    I call this activity immediate push-ups because it is the first thing I do when I roll out of bed.

    I literally unwrap myself from my burrito blankets, flop onto the floor, and do as many push-ups as I can.

    This wakes me up, gets the blood flowing, and is great to burn some fat while building muscle.

    4. Yoga



    This may seem like an obvious entry, but it is more important than you think.

    It is crucial that you warm your body up before just jumping into any workout program, especially if you've been out of the gym for a while.

    Yoga is an excellent bridge into exercise. It stretches and warms up the body as well as centers the mind, so you will be able to better listen to your body if it tells you "enough".

    I personally always practice yoga before exercise for 90 minutes, but I am a bit extreme. 20 minutes is fine.

    3. Write Down & Plan Out Your Body Goals


    This is important; you can't get anywhere without knowing your destination, or how you'll get there.

    Just showing up to the gym isn't enough; you have to have a set plan alongside a consistent & proper diet to see any serious, lasting results.

    I recommend starting a manifestation journal, and making sure that you are writing down your physical fitness goals every day to keep you on track. It works for me!

    2. Get Some Nice Workout Clothes




    This sounds kind of funny, but it works.

    When you look good, you feel good, and you want other people to see how good you look.

    Invest in some serious active wear that compliments your body type, and you will be more motivated to stay in the gym.

    1. Begin Swimming Regularly




    Swimming is one of the best exercises for your body.

    It engages nearly every muscle group, builds strength while burns fat, and is also zero impact.

    Not many people have a pool, so I recommend 2 things; local YMCA pool, or finding a local lake or pond to swim in. I know it's the end of winter and lakes are freezing, but I do it all the time. It feels amazing and really jump starts your metabolism, just be sure to have somebody with you whenever you go.


    Getting that summer body you've always wanted is no easy task, and takes much more than just showing up.

    But I believe in you as long as you believe in yourself!

    Author / Ice Man / Yoga Instructor

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