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    5 Ways to Deal with Winter Traffic

    Long, snowy, winter commutes leave us feeling frustrated and bored.

    All we want to do is get out of the traffic and off the roads. We wish we could snap our fingers and be home.

    Unfortunately, Elon Musk has not invented teleportation... yet...

    In the meantime, here are some ways to help you get through the inevitable cold season traffic we all deal with.

    5. Podcasts



    There are podcasts about everything these days!

    Politics, daily news debriefs, love, money, mindfulness, marketing, advice podcasts- or any topic under the sun.

    There is certainly a podcast that will hold your attention. All you have to do is find it.  

    4. Music



    Instead of clicking through the radio ads, bring some CDs or plug in your phone or iPod.

    Plan ahead a little bit and pick out some music that always puts a smile on your face. It will be worth it to have entertaining music that lifts your mood.

    3. Talk on the Phone, Responsibly



    Maybe your friend is bored on his or her commute as well. Call up your friends or loved ones.

    Make sure to plug in your phone, since driving with only one hand is dangerous and illegal in some states!

    2. Mindfulness



    Even though you might be feeling bummed out, focus your attention on your body sensations and your breath.

    It might take you out of your negative mental state. Focus on your foot on the accelerator, your hand on the wheel, and your breathing. You might feel calmer as well.

    1. Happy Place



    Go to your happy place during stressful times on the road. Imagine you’re on a beach or in a field under the stars or next to a waterfall.

    Don’t close your eyes though! Finding peace in your mind during standstill traffic is an excellent way to escape the boredom of being stuck on the road.


    I hope your next drive to work is better than the last one!

    Not many people enjoy their commute to work, but if it is worth it to you to continue to drive all that way, you might as well have a little fun and learn a thing or two.


    P.S. Being warm and cozy can really help traffic go by.

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