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    Prepare Your Home for Spring with These 5 Maintenance Tips

    It seems as though winter has sung her last song, thankfully.

    No more shoveling driveways, digging your car out of piles of ice, or slipping on the steps on your way to work.

    It is time however for some spring cleaning, so let's jump into 5 major maintenance tips to shake your home clean of old man winter!

    5. Clean Your Gutters




    I know, I know, this is a massive pain, and scary!

    But so much sticks, leaves, and debris gather in your gutter over the many winter storms, it's imperative that you hop on the ladder, or hire a professional to.

    Not cleaning your gutters can lead to fascia board rot, roof leaks, and even window leaks!

    4. Replace Filters




    Everybody in your family staying inside most of the year leads to your filters working in overdrive.

    Be sure to replace all filters including water, air vent, and range hood.

    They should be replaced every 3-6 months anyways.

    3. Clean the Dryer Vent




    This is absolutely very important.

    An old, clogged dryer vent can be a massive fire hazard.

    If you don't know how or are unsure, definitely hire a professional.

    2. Wash Exterior Windows




    It's now time for all the salt, dirt, and dust from the winter to go!

    You may not notice how dirty your windows are now, but you will certainly notice a difference once they're cleaned.

    1. Test Smoke Alarms




    This is definitely #1, along with CO detectors.

    Take a few minutes to go around the house, test the batteries, and replace if needed.

    This could be the difference between life and death for everyone under your roof.


    Owning a home certainly isn't easy, but it is definitely manageable if regularly kept up.

    Take a Sunday to handle all of this plus any other odds and ends, and you'll thank yourself all spring.

    Got any other tips for the community? Let us know in the comments!

    Thanks for stopping by,


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