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    Fixing the Minimalist Wallet

    The days of lugging around a 5-pound wallet busting out of your back pocket are long gone. Companies have moved to slim, sleek and modern styles ranging from the super minimal to simply removing the fold of the wallet cutting it in half. This is great; we just weren't satisfied with what was available. The things we hated about all the small minimal wallets we have seen or used inspired to make a functional alternative. 
    If you go too minimal you would only have room to hold a few credit cards and your i.d. but we figured in today’s world where most people carry their i.d., 2-3 credit cards, business cards, school i.d., frequent flyer cards and the list can go on..We didn't want to limit your carrying ability to just a couple of these things. We wanted you to be able to still carry ALL your most important items. 
    Then we looked at the larger minimal wallets. You have room for all these items by stashing it in the larger middle pocket. That's great.... but it's so frustrating trying to get those items out of the wallet! Its such a small tight space that once you fill it up, the inside outer edge cards just don't want to come out! 
    How did we fix these problems? 
    Our Minimalist wallet is 4"x2.5" max, so the profile is very small. The wallet holds 2-13 cards and features a pull-tab for the large main compartment for quick and easy access to this inside area eliminating the struggle of pulling items out of that tight space. We also chose premium soft-grain cowhide leather allowing you to pull the wallet out without every feeling stuck.