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    Welcome to the Official FNDN FAQ!

    We're always trying to improve your experience on our site as well as helping you get the most out of your heated apparel.

    We've been listening to what you have been asking us over the last few weeks and have put together some commonly asked questions that you can easily refer back to.

    We will be constantly updating this, so be sure to check back every once in a while!


    Q: Does the Heated Tactical Softshell Jacketheat in the back AND front?

    A: Yes, the softshell jacket heats the back, front, AND the hand/thumb cuffs.  Hand Warmers are 

    Q: When will my Heated Skin-Fit Base Layership?

    A: The base layers are the only items that will not be making it in time for Christmas. We expect to receive these the last week of December/first week of January.

    Q: What is the difference between the FNDN Heated Vest - Unisex 2018for and the FNDN PRO Heated Vest - USB 5V?

    A: The FNDN PRO Heated Vest adds heating in the front.

    Q: How do I return an item?

    A: Although we strive for perfection, mistakes inevitably fall thru the cracks. You can learn about our warranty policy here:
    To return an item, please send the unused item in its original packaging back to

    Q: Where are the batteries located on the Heated Skin-Fit Base Layer?

    A: The batteries are located in the side seam just behind the arm and about 6-8 inches down from the arm out.

    Q: What do the light colors on the battery charger mean?

    A: While the batteries are charging, the charging lights will be red. When the batteries are fully charged, they will turn green.


    Q: What heats the apparel?

    A: Carbon fiber heating elements on our 3.7V items or Stainless Steel on our 5V & 7V Products

    Q: Do you have a sizing chart?

    A: Yes, you can view all sizing charts by clicking HERE.


    Feel like we're missing something?

    Email us at and we will be sure to add your suggestion!

    Thanks for stopping by, stay warm out there!

    The FNDN Team