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    Top 5 Cities with the Coldest Public Transportation

    What's up, welcome back to the FNDN Blog!

    I grew up in Connecticut, so I get the cold. I used to hang out in NYC & Boston a lot, and during the winter time, it's nearly impossible to use anything else besides public transportation. 

    So I thought it would be neat to shout out some cities in the good ol' US of A with the coldest public transportation that could really use some heated gear.


    5. New York City, New York




    Let's start with the most obvious, and probably the most famous. Even with all of the hustle and bustle of the city, you can not escape the howling winds that make their way through the skyscrapers and right through your jacket and gloves.

    I remember falling down in the street due to unfortunate timing of stepping on ice and being hit by a freezing gust of wind. You can't even use the subway to escape the cold, being beneath ground just makes it that much colder.

    I really wish I had my Daily Heated Gloves back in those days...


    4. Chicago, Illinois




    Chicago is on my bucket list, it's just never been on the way to anywhere I was going and I don't have close friends there. However, when I was living in Miami Beach, a surprising amount of people move there from Chicago, and I heard plenty of horror stories about how cold it gets.

    The record low temperature in Chicago was -27 degrees F on January 20th, 1985. To be honest, with temps that low, I think I'm just fine not visiting for a while.


    3. Boston, Massachusetts


    I absolutely LOVE Boston. Back in my early 20's, I used to make the 2 hour drive from New Haven to Boston, somehow find a parking spot near BU, hope my car didn't get towed or destroyed by snow plows, and hop on the T to my friend's apartments in Allston or Brighton.

    Althought I love Boston until the day I die, their public transportation is ancient, and therefore freezing. I would always triple bundle when I went up there and still managed to lose feeling in my fingers and toes.


    2. Milwaukee, Wisconsin




    Being on the edge of one of the Great Lakes has it's ups and downs. On one hand, you get excellent fishing, biodiversity, and quality of life. On the other hand, you suffer from what's called the lake effect, where the winters are more harsh and the snowfall is tremendous.

    I've never been to Milwaukee, but I used to go fishing with my father in Poughkeepsie , New York, which is on the edge of one of the great lakes. And trust me, their winters are absurd.


    1. Fairbanks, Alaska


    We can't have an article about cold cities without mentioning Alaska. Fairbanks is impressively cold, with it's lowest temperature reaching -66 degrees F. Imagine having to take the train to work in that temperature... No thank you!

    To top it off, Fairbanks' average annual snowfall is 64.5", so this is definitely a city for our Heated Socks.


    Thanks for stopping by on this glorious hump day, I'll see you on Friday for our blog that features the Iceman himself, Wim Hof!

    Stay warm out there,
    Author / Iceman / Yoga Instructor / Plant-Based Wildman

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