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    Follow These Tips To Make Sure You Are Hiking Safely this Winter

    Hiking always has an element of danger to it.

    Don't get me wrong, I love hiking, but the winter season adds an additional layer of peril that you should not take lightly.

    If you follow these tips, you should be more than okay.

    5. Educate Yourself on Local Wildlife


    The winter season can push some predators into desperately attacking humans.

    Although this is rare, it happens, and it is good to know which potentially dangerous animals you may come across.

    Ask locals, or even a quick google search can prepare you, and may even tell you where certain animals are commonly found so you can avoid these areas.

    4. Check the Weather


    This is important. A hike in the mountains during a snowstorm is a terrible idea.

    Decreased vision and impaired depth perception during a blizzard can lead to a fatal misstep.

    A rainstorm in the cold can lead to hypothermia.

    You get the idea - it's always a better decision to play it safe and wait for another day than to push it. Mother Nature is beautiful, but unforgiving.

    3. Hike With Someone Familiar with the Trail


    This is fun, and also makes a lot of sense.

    Having a local or someone who knows the trail will point things out you probably would have missed, and can also tell you which gear to bring / not bring.

    It's also always safer to hike in groups.

    2. Don't Be Afraid to Turn Around


    Keep in mind while hiking that "Getting to the top is optional, getting down is mandatory."

    If things start to get hairy, or you feel like something is off, check your ego and turn around; there's always next time.

    Also don't forget that getting to the top is only half the journey - you still have to hike all the way back down.

    1. Bring Hydration




    This is the most important tip on this list. If you somehow become dehydrated on your hike and develop a cramp, no one will hear you yell for help.

    Don't go crazy with a gallon of water, but be sure to bring something.

    Although you may be cold, you are still expending heat, and therefore require hydration.


    I personally love hiking in the cold in shorts and no shirt, but I am trained to do so.

    Hiking in the winter is just as rewarding as hiking in the summer. Seeing the forest and mountain views covered in snow is truly an awesome sight.

    Just please don't be stupid, and be safe.

    Author / Ice Man


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