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    20 Things to Do This Winter So You Don't Catch Cabin Fever

    I get it, not all of us are icemen/women (yet).

    The winter makes a lot of people just stay inside and not do much, or just fall flat when it comes to thinking of things to do.

    Time is our most valuable asset, and we should spend as much of it as possible doing what makes us happy.

    Well, today's blog post is made for people who enjoy being outside and staying inside. I found 10 indoor and 10 outdoor winter activities everyone can enjoy, from baby to teen to adults.



    There's more to do outside than you think during the winter.

    I found some exciting new stuff that's easier & cheaper than you think...
    - Build an igloo/snow fort
    - Go on a winter hike
    - Go ice fishing
    - Go winter camping and learn survival skills
    - Host a bonfire
    - Go star gazing (bundle up!)
    - Host a snow sculpture competition
    - Shovel snow for someone who needs help
    - Go swimming in a frozen lake, but be very careful! Ice is unforgiving.
    - Go snowshoeing





    Now this part is for all the Netflix people out there. I get it, I used to hate the cold too; I hated it so much I moved to Miami Beach for 3 years!

    But if you put your mind to it, there is a lot you can do while cooped up inside...

    - Start a small business
    - Try new workout or dance videos on YouTube
    - Learn card or magic tricks
    - Go through your belongings and donate what you no longer use
    - Learn how to cook new meals
    - Read one book a week. Infinite knowledge trumps infinite scrolling!
    - Plan your dream vacation
    - Plan out your life goals
    - Host a slumber/Netflix party
    - Take an online class in something you are passionate about


    See? Winter isn't all that bad at all.

    I view it as a time for massive self-improvement. The choice is mine to zone out on a TV or turn my attention inwards and grow myself as a person.

    You could also endlessly Netflix binge, that's cool too :)

    Do you have any other off-beat activities that are worth mentioning? Let me know in the comments below.

    Thanks for reading, stay warm!

    Author / Ice Man / Plant-Based Wildman


    P.S. Whether you're indoors or out, a scarf is always a comfortably good idea.

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