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    How to Keep Your Toes Warm While Skiing, Snowboarding, or Any Other Winter Activity

    Having cold toes is probably the most annoying winter problem to have.

    I remember being stuck shoveling driveways or roofs for hours, wondering if this morning was the last time I would ever see my toes attached to my feet.

    Thankfully, there are ways to keep your feet warm without having to wear 3 pairs of wool socks that make your feet sweat when its 10*F.

    4. Take Time to Wear Clean Socks



    This might go without saying, but if you're someone who wears dirty socks more than once, you're not only probably smelly, but you're also making your feet colder than they should be.

    Wearing socks all day, then wearing them again the next day dampens your socks from sweat. 

    When your socks are damp in cold temperatures, the frigid air will stay inside of the locked moisture of the sock, resulting in unnecessarily cold toes.

    But seriously, stop wearing the same socks for days in a row. Nobody likes the smelly guy at the gym. 

    3. Keep Your Core Warm


    (Pictured: FNDN Women's Heated Parka with Built-In Heated Gloves)

    Blood circulation begins in the core of the body and works its way out. If your Core Body Temperature is low, the blood in your core is cold. This will then spread to all of your extremities, including your toes.

    Thankfully, the opposite is true; raising your Core Body Temperature results in warm blood circulating throughout the body, which in turn will keep your toes warm.

    If you're feeling cold at home, throw on your favorite blanket. When you're out and about and your heavy winter jacket just isn't cutting it, try our FNDN Reversible Puffy Sweatshirt for men, or our FNDN Women's Heated Parka with Built-In Heated Gloves.


    2. Keep Your Head Warm, Too

    (Featured: FNDN Heated Hat)

    This might sound a bit farfetched, but it's the second-best way to heat up your toes.

    Humans lose a lot of heat from their head, believe it or not. Even the U.S. Army Field Manual claims that 40-50% of body heat is lost through the head.

    So if you're walking around the house, throw on your favorite beanie. If you have to deal with trudging through frigid temperatures, try our FNDN Heated Cable Knit Beanie.

     1. Heated Slippers & Socks

    (Featured: FNDN Heated 3.7V Sports Socks) 

    Obviously, the best way to keep your toes warm in the cold is to keep your feet warm.

    But we all know how uncomfortable it is to wear multiple layers of old, wool socks. It itches, they stink, and your feet somehow manage to start sweating.

    Our founder, Travis, found the solution for all kinds of cold feet problems. (Not if you're rethinking about getting married though... sorry, but you're on your own with that one.)

    If you just want to be comfortable at home, try our FNDN Heated 3.7V Slipper Socks.

    If you're looking for warm, toasty feet on the go, try one of the following:


    It's kind of simple really to prevent your toes from getting cold. Try to focus on keeping your head & core warm and get yourself a pair of Heated Footwear.

    We also offer Spare Batteries & a Power Bank in case your FNDN Heated Apparel dies on you.

    Do you have any quirky ways to keep your toes warm? Let me know in the comments!