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    How to Love Your Winter Wonderland

    One year, I decided to transform my life for the better. I realized that there were so many snow-bunnies skiing down the slopes and having a blast out there, while I was unbearably cold and miserable whenever I stepped outside.

    I decided to go on a mission to flourish amidst the cold. If you live in a cold place but are struggling to find happiness, this blog post is for you. On the other hand, if you’re someone who already loves the snow, share this with a friend in need!

    Scroll down to read about my tips to fall in love with winter.

    Appreciate the Beauty

    Like many of us, you live in an area where it gets cold in the winter. It’s time to accept it and find a way to love it. You can either view it as a winter wonderland or a frigid dystopia; the choice is yours.

    Appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature. You may find that you’re in total awe as you catch the sunlight reflecting off of the shimmering icicle or the ruby feathers of a nearby cardinal contrasting with the surrounding white. The next time you closely gaze at a snowflake, you may find it difficult not to smile at its intricate uniqueness. Having the right attitude is paramount in the winter.

    Practicing gratitude and appreciation may be the most beneficial tools for you this year. 


    Having improper winter attire is a recipe for misery and disaster! If you feel a chill down your spine with every step you take you probably won’t be able to have much fun. Invest in your well-being by purchasing proper winter clothing.

    It’s easy to see why one might have a grimace on their face if snow is sloshing between their numbed toes as they re-strap their snowshoes and go up the icy hill. Let’s make a deal to stay warm and dry out there this time! It’s safer and more enjoyable when you’re not freezing outdoors during the winter months.

    Hats, gloves, coats, and boots are absolutely necessary. Heated apparel will make our lives much more pleasant! Next time your friends want to go on a skiing trip, you’ll be warm and content as you glide down the hill. 

    Get Outdoors 

    Instead of counting down the days until spring, let’s get out there and enjoy the snow! Fresh powder can bring so much joy. Think back to your childhood days of sledding, or taking ski trips with your family. Remember twirling around on an ice rink?

    You have the free will to get out there and make the most of the snow! Rather than curling up in a blanket burrito in your home, put on some snow gear and get outdoors to
    play. Plus, movement has been shown to keep depression at bay and increase levels of happiness.

    You’re getting your heart rate up, releasing endorphins, and enjoying the great outdoors. 

    Content in Your Home

    It’s unsafe to spend all day out in the frosty winter weather. Once you come back inside, you need to have a game plan for how to stay positive inside your home. Being cooped up in a dark, isolating place can cause many to fall into a pit of despair. 

    Let’s talk about a few ways to reduce that possibility. First of all, make sure it’s warm enough. If you’re shivering in your own home, it’s too cold! Turn up the heat and gather some blankets to bring feelings of warmth and comfort.

    Now it’s time to find indoor activities that bring you joy. You could:

    • read
    • complete a puzzle
    • organize your home
    • paint your walls
    • go online shopping
    • add some recipes to your cookbook
    • bake,
    • write a short story
    • play with your animals
    • call your friends
    • scrapbook
    • knit
    • blast your stereo and dance
    • play the guitar.

    There are so many ways to have fun indoors. Engage in whatever activity puts a smile on your face! Make sure you have some fun and enjoy your one life.


    Staying warm and happy during the cold winter months is easier for some than for others. Even if you’re a winter activist adrenaline junkie, you probably know someone who suffers due to cold weather.

    I’m sure you can relate to feeling a little bit blue during the particularly freezing days of winter.  When the temperature drops you have to take action to make sure your mood doesn’t fall down with it.

    Getting outdoors, appreciating the beauty, finding joy inside, and having the right clothing can really make a difference. I wish you a cozy and joyful season!

    Annie Foley

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