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    Last Minute Gift Ideas for Outdoor Workers

    We all have a hard-working loved one that risks their fingers & ears every winter season to provide for their family.

    And we also know all to well how difficult it can be shopping for them. Trust me , my father has been in construction for 30+ years.

    Luckily for both of us, FNDN has a solid product line for the people in our lives who deserve a gift that will make their daily lives easier.

    If you're interested in any of these items as gifts, we're offering FREE expedited shipping all week!

    Order before Thursday, 12/19 to guarantee Christmas delivery.


    Full Leather Heated 3.7V Work Gloves



    Working outside in the cold for 9 years, I understand how quickly workers burn through gloves, and how ineffective they are at keeping fingers warm.

    Travis designed this glove specifically for outdoor workers in mind, crafting these gloves from 100% Premium durable cowhide full-leather construction – to handle real work.

    The gloves are powered by Radiant X-Core Heat™ technology and are designed to allow maximum dexterity. There's nothing more annoying when working outside than gloves that don't allow you to pick things up.


    FNDN Heated Skin-Fit Base Layer Pants




    I remember when I was on top of roofs shoveling off snow and a massive gust of wind would cut right through my work pants and chill me to the bone. You know you're in trouble when your quads get cold.

    To combat that weird cold sweat feeling, the pants are made from a moisture-wicking, lightweight, breathable, stratch techincal fabric that are designed to be worn under work pants.

    We also understand that temperatures change, so we designed the pant's temperature to be adjustable with soft-touch control buttons. To provide maximum customization & comfort, they're also designed to attach to...


    FNDN Heated 3.7V Base Layer Socks





    Yep! These two items are designed to plug into each other so you can control the heat for both items from the same belt control buttons.

    I'll tell ya, there's nothing more annoying than working on my feet for 8+ hours a day only to have freezing toes within an hour of getting on the job. In case you don't know, they only heated back up after taking off my boots when I got home.

    These particular socks are designed to be worn under other socks to allow for more bundling to retain body heat and also to provide relief from the usual itchy woolen socks worn by most construction/outdoor workers.


    FNDN Heated Hat




    I always found that no matter how much body heat I generated from working outside, my ears almost always stayed cold. Top that off with cold fingers and toes, I was pretty miserable.

    This new Heated Hat is a godsend for outdoor workers not only for our ears, but to also maintain general body temperature. Most of our body heat is released through our head, so this product alone will help any outdoor worker stay warm and comfortable.

    To provide maximum comfort, this hat comes with 3 heat levels and come with a lightweight rechargeable bego battery.


    FNDN Universal Heating Layer



    I chose this particular item out of all of the base layer tops due to the location of the heating component. When working outside, temperature is always changing. As a result, a lot of outdoor workers roll up or down their sleeves as the day goes on.

    This top heated base layer only heats the core, which allows your loved hard worker to roll up their sleeves as they please. Plus, long sleeve tops will get destroyed pretty quickly when working outdoors.

    It's also designed to be lightweight and comes with adjustable shoulder straps & waistband to be able to fit under any work garment.




    As a past construction worker, the gifts I loved the most were thoughtful ones that made my life easier. 

    Treat your hard-working loved ones to something they'll actually appreciate this holiday season. Plus, they'll think of you every time they use it ;)