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    Top Heated Apparel for Snowboarding

    Hey! It's Dan with FNDN. Getting ready for tearin' up the slopes this weekend?

    I love to shred, but can't stand it when I get freezing after a few runs. When you couple the snow bunching up in every open crevice with the high gusts of winds, I get irritated pretty fast.

    I've tested out a good amount of FNDN products over a few winters, and these are the top heated items that make the cold more bearable which therefore helps me last longer on the mountain.


    FNDN Heated Skin-Fit Base Layer PRO - Unisex



    When it's really windy, you know how the cold gusts can pierce right through even some of the toughest winter jackets.

    I gotta say, no matter how gnarly those winds can get, this new item is improved from last year's model and keeps me warm through even the toughest temperatures.

    To top it off, this base-layer is made from moisture-wicking, lightweight, breathable, and stretchable technical fabric. So when I bust a sweat, I don't get that weird uncomfortable cold sweat sensation. 


    7V Heated Windblocker SL Glove



    Can you tell that I really don't like cold gusts of wind?

    This pair in particular is built to resist high gusts of wind using a wind-blocking thin shell material that allows for dexterity and also works with touchscreen devices. (I gotta get my selfies in.)

    I've found these gloves to be the best when I'm up on the mountain. Having cold hands to the point of not being able to move my fingers is nothing short of torture.

    To top it off, the new slim-line battery packs allow for 3-level power settings that can extend the battery life to over 3.5 hours, a life saver when I really don't want to get off the mountain.


    FNDN Heated Cable Knit Beanie



    Having freezing ears is one of my biggest pet peeves, and I thought for the longest time that I was just going to always have to deal with it.

    I gave the heated beanie a shot, and there's no doubt that it keeps my ears from turning pink and freezing off.

    Just like the gloves, this piece of heated headwear comes with 3 adjustable levels of heat, and can operate on up to 6 hours on a full charge, depending on environmental conditions.

    Plus it looks really good on me.


    FNDN Heated 3.7V Sports Socks



    The bane of my existence (besides people singing Don't Stop Believing at karaoke) is cold toes. I can't stand it when I'm tearing down the slope and can't direct my board properly because I can't feel or move my feet.

    Travis definitely designed this product with snowboarders or people who work outside in mind, and it shows. For the first time in history, my feet don't turn into ice blocks when I'm outside for more than 10 minutes.

    These socks have a continuous 4.5 hour run time, but last a bit longer due to heat being trapped in my boots. Easy to charge and wash, these are a must-have when I pack for a day in the cold.


    FNDN Universal Heating Layer



    To say I'm forgetful is an understatement, and as a result I usually forget to charge my FNDN apparel. The new FNDN Universal Heating Layer is a massive solution for people like me.

    Although I do prefer my Heated Base Layer as mentioned above, this is a great backup for when I forget to charge it's batteries, or when it dies and I want to get back out there before the batteries are fully charged again.

    It's a cheap & easy back-up to all of our other heated top layer products, and quickly became a necessity for my cold endeavors.




    Are there any other FNDN products that you find really help you on the slopes?

    Let me know in the comments!

    Stay safe & warm out there,