Unique Cold Weather Date Ideas to Spice Up Your Relationship

Posted on November 08 2019

Unique Cold Weather Date Ideas to Spice Up Your Relationship

Just as much as everyone dislikes the cold weather, we can all agree that it is something special to get nice & close to our significant other when its cold to warm each other up.

As comforting as this is, the usual ideas do get stale over time. To help you and your relationship out, here are some winter date ideas that you and your partner can enjoy together this winter as you both impatiently await summertime.


Go Hiking




Look, I know I just said its nice to get cozy together, but its also pretty awesome to get uncomfortable together. 

To top it off, the trails you usually hike look totally different after a solid snowfall; it's like exploring an entirely new terrain.

It's important to stay warm during these hikes, because the amount of time you spend going up is the same amount of time you'll spend going down. To keep yourself warm and prepared for hours of cold adventures, check out our FNDN Heated Gloves.


Indoor Skydiving




This is something that's fun to do year round, but makes more sense when it's cold outside. Why would you waste a warm summer day pretending to fall indoors?

It makes more sense to do this together in the wintertime when its freezing outside.

Plus, personally, it doesn't make much logical sense to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, so this experience is one of the few that I don't really mind simulating...


Hot Yoga




There's nothing quite as satisfying as getting super hot & sweaty, especially during the winter. 

Removing yourself from the perpetual tundra outside to immerse yourself in the polar opposite is extremely liberating and relaxing.

If you want to go extreme Wim Hof style, go for a shirtless run in shorts dripping wet from sweat in the cold after the hot yoga class. You'll thank me later.


Do you have any cold weather date ideas that you think others would like but haven't thought of yet? Let me know in the comments!

Stay warm out there,


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